850 Stand-Alone Humidifier

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The 850 Fuel Cell Humidifier is a stand-alone instrument that is ideal for independent control of additional gas dew point.

The stand-alone humidifier helps to prevent contamination of the main test system plumbing, has integrated heated gas transfer lines, automatic water fill and all stainless steel construction. Based on a proven humidifier design, this system is an excellent choice for stable and accurate dew point control of an additional gas.


  • Ideal for gas mixing experiments including reformate simulation and contaminant / poison studies
  • Ideal for use with gases that may contaminate the main fuel cell test system plumbing
  • Integrated with FuelCell® and FlowCell® software for user-friendly computer-controlled operation
  • Designed for flows up to 5 SLPM
  • Manual or Automatic water filling
  • Stainless steel humidifier with integrated heated & insulated flexible Swagelok gas transfer line
  • Requires mass flow controller