Advanced Luggin Low Volume Membrane Kit

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This H-Cell Kit with Luggin capillaries was previously sold by Scribner Associates Inc.

This separated membrane H-cell kit with Luggin capillaries is ideal for measuring liquid-phase properties of membranes/separators, such as resistance, conductivity, and permeability.  It has an advanced design that enables convenient assembly and disassembly.  Each borosilicate glass cell half holds around 25 to 30 mL of liquid, and the user supplies a membrane or polymeric separator to fit between the sides and isolate each half cell.  The frame is made from polypropylene (PP), and contains two metal locating rods and two threaded metal rods with tightening knobs that facilitate easy centering of the two PP frame pieces.

Two polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) “pucks” are fitted onto the ends of each half cell.  The opening in the pucks determines the surface area of the separator that is exposed to solution.  The standard cell kit uses pucks with an ID of 3 cm, which produces an exposed surface area of 7 cm2.  An O-ring fits in a groove on each puck, and the cell kit frame results in those O-rings being perfectly centered, sealing on the membrane/separator, as the assembly is tightened.

The cell kit includes:

  • PP Frame (2 pieces, two threaded metal rods and tightening knobs)
  • Low Volume Cell Cap Kits (2)
  • Membrane Kit Half Cells (2)
  • Adjustable Luggin Capillaries (2)
  • Low Volume Glass Gas Purge/Sparge Tubes (2 with no frit, 2 with frit)
  • O-rings (2 total)
  • Pucks (2, 7 cm2 bore area)
  • Electrodes sold separately