Carbon Screen-Printed Electrodes

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For use in aqueous solutions only.  Do not use with non-aqueous solvents.

These low-cost, screen-printed electrodes (SPEs) are suitable for use in the teaching laboratory or as a platform for biosensor research.  Fabricated using the same technology found in most blood glucose sensors, the electrode pattern includes a carbon working electrode, a carbon counter electrode, and a silver/silver chloride (Ag/AgCl) reference electrode.

Pine Research offers two Screen-Printed Electrode Cell Kits (see the table below) for working with these SPEs  without the need for banana plugs or alligator cables.


See “Description” tab below for additional precautions and information.


SKU Description
Working Electrode – 2 mm OD

Screen-Printed Carbon Electrodes
10-pack, 2 mm OD working electrode


Screen-Printed Carbon Electrodes
50-pack, 2 mm OD working electrode


Screen-Printed Carbon Electrodes
100-pack, 2 mm OD working electrode

Working Electrode – 4 x 5 mm

Screen-Printed Carbon Electrodes
10-pack, 4 x 5 mm working electrode


Screen-Printed Carbon Electrodes
50-pack, 4 x 5 mm working electrode


Screen-Printed Carbon Electrodes
100-pack, 4 x 5 mm working electrode

Complete Cell Kits

Screen-Printed Electrode Cell Starter Kit
includes cell grip, cell cap, cell, starter pack of screen-printed electrode, generic mini-USB style to banana jack cell cable


Screen-Printed Electrode Cell Low Volume Kit
for use with small quantities of enzymes or organometallic compounds

More Information

For use in aqueous solutions only.  Do not use with non-aqueous solvents.

These inexpensive screen-printed electrodes (SPEs) have a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) substrate, carbon working and counter electrodes, and a silver/silver chloride (Ag/AgCl) built-in reference electrode.  A blue insulating dielectric material is coated on the PET substrate around the electrodes.  Pine Research offers a Screen-Printed Electrode Cell Starter Kit for working with these SPEs.  Each SPE card can be conveniently plugged into a custom grip mount without the need for banana plugs or alligator cables.  The grip mount is, in turn, fits onto a custom cap which threads onto a disposable 20 mL scintillation vial.

The custom grip contains an edge card connector, where each SPE card is plugged into.  Carbon SPEs are thinner than the ceramic SPEs (0.36 mm vs 0.67 mm); thus, one or more “spacers” are needed to mount the carbon SPE so that it can maintain proper electrical contact with the edge card connector.  Spacers, also made of PET and about a third in length compared to a carbon SPE card, are included with the purchase of carbon SPEs.  It is important to keep the spacer above the solution level, as capillary action will draw electrolyte into the contact area, leading to a possible short of the electrode circuit and eventual corrosion of the edge card connector.

The carbon working electrode comes in either a 2 mm OD circle or a 4 x 5 mm square pattern.  The carbon counter electrode is a large surface area "U"-shape, and the silver/silver chloride reference electrode is a small circle next to the working electrode.

Visit our YouTube channel for helpful instructional videos regarding the use and maintenance of this and many other Pine Research products!