High-Pressure Electrolyzer Cell Fixture


Introducing our High-Pressure Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) and Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) Cell Fixture, meticulously crafted to support research that requires 30 bar (435 psi) of pressure.  This specialized fixture seamlessly integrates with Scribner’s 620 Electrolyzer Test Station and 670 Electrolysis Workstation, enabling your experiment.



  • Rated for 30 bar (435 psi) operating pressure
  • Green anodized 6061 aluminum end-plates for increased visibility in laboratory settings (Optional Stainless Steel (316L) end-plates are available)
  • 25 mm thick Grade 2 Titanium (Ti) with >99% purity electroplated Platinum (Pt) coating
  • Fully platinized electrical connections for reduced resistance
  • Flow field contains precision machined well and Swagelok® fitting for thermocouple installation
  • Flow fields available in various channel patterns to support research needs
  • End-plate contains precision machined wells for cartridge cell heaters for evenly distributed and precise heating
  • Cartridge heaters are shielded and electrically grounded for additional safety
  • End-plates are electrically isolated from the cell
  • Operating temperature up to 200 °C

Cell components:

  • 100 W or 200 W cartridge cell heaters with braided stainless steel armored cable for superior durability (115 V or 230 V)
  • Gasket, gasket templates and thermocouple included
  • Flow Fields with reactant input/output ports, stainless steel Swagelok® SC-10 compression fittings (SC-11 Fittings available upon request)
  • 75 cm heavy gauge copper conductor load cables

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