Hotplate with Temperature Feedback Control (220V)

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Hotplate with Temperature Feedback Control (220V)
220V Configuration! Includes the hotplate, Glass Thermometer Well, External PTFE-coated and metal thermocouple probes for temperature feedback, and a 24/25 Adapter for the Glass well


For users that prefer to heat the contents of their cell directly, they should choose an unjacketed OpenTop Cell. Heating with a hotplate tends to provide a non-uniform temperature gradient; however, the rotating shaft (with turbulent flow) will disrupt the temperature gradient and enhance the temperature gradient uniformity.

The hotplate kit includes two 8” temperature probe thermocouples, a glass thermowell, and a 7mm to 24/25 PTFE adapter. Be sure to select the product whose electrical configuration is matched to the voltage source in your country. The hotplates have a ceramic top and maximum surface temperature of +300°C. It is recommended to use the included thermowell and add either water or high boiling-point oil in order to achieve good thermal contact.

The cell is flat bottomed and seats onto a hotplate. The MSR Rotator base is large enough to accommodate our recommended hotplate with sufficient clearance above to install the cell and RCE accessories.

The thermocouple connects to the rear of the hotplate, at the yellow two prong (anode/cathode) connector. By using the thermocouple feedback sensor probes in the electrochemical cell, the hotplate can more accurately control the temperature of the heating element relative to its setpoint and the actual solution temperature in the cell.