Internal Disk Contact Pin

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This piece is a replacement E4 Series ChangeDisk electrode internal disk contact pin assembly.  One end of the internal disk contact is threaded so that it may be screwed onto an AFE3M shaft or an AFE3A shaft.  The disk contact will also thread into the built-in shaft on a Pine Research CPR rotator.

The other end of the internal disk contact features a spring-loaded “pogo pin” style contact.  This pogo pin is what makes contact with the back side of the disk insert.  The pogo pin has enough “play” that the E4 Series ChangeDisk RDE tip may be used with disk insert thicknesses between 1.5 mm and 4.0 mm.

Note that when this disk contact pin is properly installed in the shaft, it should protrude from the shaft by 0.82 inches (20.8 mm).  If it protrudes farther than this distance, it is either not fully threaded all the way into the shaft, or the pogo pin is protruding too far out of the disk contact.