Low Volume Jacketed Three Electrode Cell

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This is a general purpose jacketed electrochemical cell designed for temperature-controlled low volume applications.  The overall cell volume is 10 mL and can be used down to approximately 5 mL.  The low volume glass cell is designed to accommodate three LowProfile electrodes (working, counter, and reference).  The 1/4″ hose barbs allow a water circulator to be used in conjunction for control of electrolyte temperature during electrochemical testing.

The Low Volume Cell Series is designed for use with:

  • Our Low Volume Cap Kit, which can be used in two configurations – open or closed to the atmosphere.  The cap kit seals around all electrodes and probes in the cell.
  • Pine Research’s miniature aqueous and non-aqueous reference electrodes.  These electrodes are a perfect fit for the 3.5 mm OD hole in the Low Volume cell cap.
  • Platinum, gold, or glassy carbon LowProfile working electrodes.  These electrodes fit the larger bore holes in the Low Volume Cap Kit.
  • Our LowProfile platinum counter electrode has a 7 mm OD for the larger bore holes in the Low Volume Cap Kit.