Low Volume Separated Cell

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A general purpose electrochemical cell designed for low volume applications where separation is desired between cell halves.  In this design, the user supplies a membrane, polymer, or glass separator which is clamped between each cell half.  The overall cell volume is 25 mL per side for a total volume of 50 mL.  Each cell half can be used down to approximately 15 mL per side.  The low volume glass cell is designed to accommodate our LowProfile working, counter, and reference electrodes.  The cell kit(s) consists of the cell, the Low Volume Cell Cap Kit, and two gas purge/sparge tubes.

The Low Volume Cell Series is designed for use with:

  • Our Low Volume Cap Kit, which can be used in two configurations – open or closed to the atmosphere.  The cap kit seals around all electrodes and probes in the cell.
  • The Pine Research miniature aqueous and non-aqueous reference electrodes.  These electrodes are a perfect fit for the 3.5 mm OD hole in the Low Volume cell cap.
  • Platinum, gold, or glassy carbon LowProfile working electrodes.  These electrodes fit the larger bore holes in the Low Volume Cap Kit.
  • Our LowProfile platinum counter electrode has a 7 mm OD for the larger bore holes in the Low Volume Cap Kit.

alert: We are aware from feedback that the spherical clamp used in this cell kit does not always provide adequate sealing against the membrane. In some cases, this limitation is made worse by thicker membranes. We have no alternative clamp to suggest; however, we do offer the Advanced Low Volume Membrane Cell Kit to address the shortcomings of this clamp.