Luggin Tube

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This Luggin Tube is specifically designed for use with our OpenTop 15 mm Rotating Cylinder Electrode (RCE) Cells.  The Luggin Tube (also called a luggin capillary) is often used to direct the conductive path between working and reference electrode to minimize uncompensated resistance (iR drop), which unless corrected, will skew electrochemical data.  Adding sufficient (100 mM or higher) supporting electrolyte is often the easiest method available of avoiding high iR drop, thereby making the Luggin Tube unnecessary; however, it is not always possible to simply increase the concentration of electrolyte for a variety of reasons.  This Luggin Tube is not general purpose, as its design is meant to be coupled with our 15 mm Rotating Cylinder Electrode (RCE) OpenTop Cell system.  The 1 mm ID tip (opening) is slightly angled and directed toward the RCE element at the center of the shaft.  For other Luggin Tube needs, such as for a stationary working electrode, rotating disk (RDE), or rotating ring-disk (RRDE); please contact us to discover what is possible as custom options.