Malli Adapter for Flow Cell

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For compatibility with the ultra-flexible Pine Research Headstage Cable design and the new In-Vitro/FSCV Microelectrode Flow Cell, the Malli Adapter for Flow Cell accepts the Pine Research headstage amplifer, and maps the working electrode to the central pin of the BNC connector and the reference electrode to receptacles.  Two receptacles for reference electrode are provided.  Users may utilize 2 mm patch cable connections (to which an alligator clip can be connected for simple connection to reference electrode lead) or in the case where PCB pins are used, a port which accepts between 0.037″ and 0.043″ diameter pins can also be used.  Connected to the Malli Adapter for Flow Cell is a standard stainless steel rod, which is 7.9 mm OD and 7.6 cm long and has a left-handed 8-32 threading at the open end.  Therefore, the Malli Adapter for Flow Cell is directly compatible with the Pine Research In-Vitro/FSCV Microelectrode Flow Cell.

The Malli Adapter for Flow Cell features an inverted and shortened handle!  It is designed for use in the flow cell only.  For other applications, consider the original Malli Adapter!


Malli Adapter for Flow Cell
for use with electrophysiology-style microelectrode holders, modified for use with flow cell