MC 10

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MC 10 Model Circuit

Model circuit for verification of single-electrode voltage clamp amplifiers, such as the EPC 10 USB amplifier. The model circuit connects to the probe input and can be switched to simulate one of three conditions, an open pipette in the bath, a cell-attached configuration and a whole-cell configuration.


1x BNC
Gold-plated ground pin

Simulated conditions:

Open pipette (use for applying a test pulse and for correcting offset potentials):

R-Pip = 10 MΩ
C-Pip = 6 pF

Cell-attached configuration (use for testing C-Fast Compensation):

R-Seal = ∞
C-Pip = 6 pF

Whole-cell configuration (use for testing C-Slow Compensation and Current Clamp, and for verifying stimulus patterns):

R-Ser = 5.1 MΩ
C-Pip = 6 pF
R-Mem = 500 MΩ
C-Mem = 22 pF

Note: This model cell has a long “membrane” time constant (about 10 ms).