MSR Rotation Rate Control Cable (4-pin)

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There are two versions of this cable.  Be sure to select the proper cable to match the number of pins on the green port on the back panel of your potentiostat.

This cable permits certain Pine Research potentiostat models to control the rotation rate of a Pine Research MSR Rotator.  Control is accomplished using the AfterMath software package to instruct the potentiostat to set the rotation rate via the small green control port on the back panel of the potentiostat.

This cable is compatible with the following potentiostats:

  • WaveNow Wireless Potentiostat
  • WavePico Wireless Potentiostat

This cable is NOT compatible with any other Pine Research potentiostat models.


Pine Research MSR Rotator Rotation Rate Control Cable
links rotator to Pine Research potentiostat for AfterMath control of rotation rate