MSR Spring-Loaded Brush (low humidity)

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MSR Spring-Loaded Brush (low humidity)
(special brush material for use in low-humidity environments)


The spring-loaded brush contacts are the interface between a rotating shaft and the banana jack, to which a potentiostat is connected.  The silver-carbon brushes on MSR style rotators are a consumable wear item requiring periodic replacement.  The exact lifetime of a rotator brush is strongly dependent upon the nature it has been used.  For example, the frequency of use, rotation rates employed, and environmental conditions (low humidity, high corrosive vapor, etc.) will contribute to the lifetime of a brush contact.  In most cases, only the internal brush assembly must be replaced, allowing you to continue using the same mounting hardware.  If an entire brush has been misplaced or has been damaged, then the entire brush assembly may be purchased.  Be aware of the following information:

  • As of November 2007, red is the recommended color for the disk contact, and blue is the recommended color for the ring contact
  • Prior to November 2007, yellow was used for the disk contact
  • We recommend replacing brush contacts in pairs, for example, both disk or both ring at the same time
  • The internal brush assembly fits inside a polymer body.  Together, these parts make the complete brush assembly

A complete brush replacement comes with the spring-loaded brush assembly (with set screw) and hex key for setting the set screw.