Nylon Polishing Disks

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These polishing products are for less frequent polishing of the surface of Pine Research’s precision electrodes, particularly when there are alertable surface defects/marks or scratches that cannot be removed via “fine polishing”.  Alumina slurry (5 µm) as well as nylon pads are available for this type of polishing.

After the “coarse repolishing” of the electrode surface is complete, the surface should subsequently be “fine polished” using sub-micron alumina particles.

PTFE-shrouded electrodes are generally easy to polish manually, but PEEK shrouded electrodes usually require a mechanical polishing wheel.


Routine “fine polishing” of a precision electrode surface is normally accomplished using a slurry of sub-micron alumina particles.

A far less frequent “coarse polishing” of the electrode surface involves larger alumina particles (5 µm) and should only be performed if the electrode has a alertable scratch or has been fouled with a thick layer of unwanted material.

Pine Research offers a 5 µm alumina slurry that is normally used in conjunction with a hard nylon polishing cloth.