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POTMASTER Software for Electrochemical Research

With POTMASTER, experimental design, performance, and analysis become much more flexible, giving rise to a high degree of automation and providing access to experimental protocols that were thus far unattainable with commercial software.

The all new Protocol Editor allows for handling of even complex experimental procedures. Intelligent experiment control is possible by the use of conditional statements and global parameters that link the online analysis, controlled hardware and the acquisition protocols. New experimental parameters can be derived from previous results and automatically set by the protocol editor.

Alternatively, can be recorded and easily linked to data acquisition protocols. This way, the potentiostat/galvanostat can be easily set into the measuring configuration at the beginning and e. g. the stand-by configuration at the end of the data acquisition period.

Besides the display of recorded data in the Oscilloscope window, POTMASTER features an Online Analysis for immediate analysis of just recorded data. Multiple analysis methods can be defined and stored. The results of an analysis method can be displayed in 12 graphs that can be placed in two separate online analysis windows.


Runs on Windows 7, 8 and on Mac OS X ≥10.6 / ≤10.14 (requires a free USB port for the dongle)
Simultaneous data acquisition at up to 16 input channels
Virtual traces for mathematical online processing of acquired channels, for example calculation of charges
A flexible multi-channel free waveform generator allows to set-up even complex stimulation patterns (acquisition protocols) with an arbitrary number of segments and stimulation of peripheral devices
Pulsed and continuous acquisition mode
Automatic data compression (different sample rates for different input channels)
A digital oscilloscope displays up to 20 traces
Online Analysis with an arbitrary number of user defined online methods
Potentiostat windows for all PG 3xx, PG 4xx potentiostat/galvanostats and telegraphing potentiostats are available
Automatic test and calibration routines for all HEKA PG 3xx potentiostats/galvanostats are provided
All potentiostat settings will be saved together with the recorded data and the stimulation protocol to guarantee optimal data integrity for further analysis

HEKA’s fully digitally integrated potentiostats / galvanostats of the PG 300 family can be completely controlled. This allows for the simplification and automation of experimental procedures. All parameters of the potentiostat / galvanostat can be set directly via a mouse click/drag, from within a protocol, or through execution of macros.

POTMASTER also provides a virtual front panel for other potentiostats / galvanostats such as the PG 410 / PG 490 and PG 510 / PG 590.

All software updates for our POTMASTER software are free of charge.