Screen-Printed Electrode Cell Low Volume Kit

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Our Screen-Printed Electrode Cell Low Volume Kit features a glass vial with a special PTFE insert at the bottom of the vial designed for low volume electrochemistry experiments.  The PTFE insert has a narrow slit designed to receive the lower end of a standard Pine Research screen-printed electrode and fit a small magnetic stir bar.  The internal volume of the slit is approximately 1 mL.  Complete setup includes low volume glass vial, a LowProfile reference electrode, cell grip, cell cap, Universal Specialty Cell Connection Kit, and a sample kit of screen-printed electrodes.  Some unique features of this kit are as follows:

  • Cost-effective to implement as compared to traditional electrodes and cells
  • Ideal for educational laboratory use
  • Carbon SPEs disposable – use for one experiment/lab/day and toss
  • Pt and Au SPEs reusable – clean electrochemically between experiments
  • Compatible with ANY potentiostat via our Universal Specialty Cell Connection Kit (included)
  • Only 1-2 mL volume needed to perform electrochemistry

See “Description” tab below for additional information.


Virtually Student-Proof.  Perfect for the undergraduate lab, our innovative cell design gives your students a rapid way to set up an electrochemical cell without all that hassle of polishing electrodes, tending to reference electrodes, and chasing countless cables around the lab bench.

Incredibly Low Cost Electrodes.  Single use, screen-printed electrode designs are available in quantity packaging at a fraction of the cost of more traditional electrode designs.  Use them one time and then just throw them away.

Custom Cap and Cable. Our unique cap design couples an edge card connector with a compact cable connection (it’s actually just like the mini-USB connector on your digital camera).  The cap fits on to everyday, ordinary disposable 20 mL lab vials, as well as the special vial with PTFE insert for low volume electrochemistry provided in this kit.

Ideal for Teaching Cyclic Voltammetry.  In an instructional setting, we recommend using our screen-printed carbon electrodes with a well-behaved, reversible electrochemical system.

Works with Any Potentiostat. The Universal Specialty Cell Connection Kit (included) is compatible with any potentiostat.  Note that our instructional cell is available as part of our academic WaveNowXV potentiostat bundle.

Pine Research Cell Cable Color Code

  • RED  – working (drive) electrode
  • ORANGE – working (sense) electrode
  • GREEN – counter electrode
  • WHITE – reference electrode

Visit our YouTube channel for helpful instructional videos regarding the use and maintenance of this and many other Pine Research products.