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1 instrument, 3 methods for thermal conductivity

(It’s better to have options.)


Configure with multiple sensor options

“When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” The adage rings true in thermal conductivity characterization. It’s better to have options. Trident unleashes the power of three different transient methods with the ultimate toolbox for thermal conductivity measurement. MTPS, TPS and TLS all in one modular package. Choose the right tool for your samples. Choice is good.


How it Works

C-Therm’s Trident system offers three different modes of operation in measuring the thermal conductivity of materials. The MTPS high precision method is the simplest and most versatile. The TLS Needle method provides maximum robustness for those sticky situations. The Flex TPS method provides the greatest flexibility over experimental parameters with C-Therm’s flex sensors.


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