WaveNeuro Dual Channel Adapter (DCA)

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The WaveNeuro Dual channel Adapter (DCA) expands the capabilities of the WaveNeuro FSCV Potentiostat.  The DCA makes simultaneous two working electrode channel (headstage) use of the WaveNeuro.  The DCA allows each working electrode channel to have the same or different waveform applied and can make the working electrode common the same reference electrode or to independent reference electrodes (less common).  Paired with Pine Research headstage cable kits, you can expand your capabilities with the Pine Research Neuroelectrochemical products!

The Dual Channel Adapter (DCA) is sold as part of the WaveNeuro DUO bundle.  If you already own a WaveNeuro and would like to expand its capabilities to two channels, please contact us for any special details and pricing.


WaveNeuro Dual Channel Adapter (DCA)
expands the capabilities of the WaveNeuro to accommodate two working electrode (headstage) channels with a single potentiostat