WaveNowXV/WaveVortex 10 RDE Bundle

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Purchase of a Pine Research potentiostat system includes a free 1-hour online training session! Contact Pine Research now (click here) to learn more and to schedule your training session.

This bundle combines a portable WaveNow® series potentiostat/galvanostat with our popular WaveVortex® electrode rotator to provide you with an affordable rotating disk electrode (RDE) system. Under the control of our powerful AfterMath® software package, the WaveNowxv is capable of performing a wide range of DC electroanalytical techniques. This RDE start-up bundle includes the following principle items along with compatible cables and accessories:

  • WaveNowXV Potentiostat / Galvanostat
  • WaveVortex 10 Electrode Rotator with Glassy Carbon RDE tip
  • Pine Research AfterMath Control Software
  • Jacketed RDE Cell (glass) with Counter Electrode (Pt)


A reference electrode is not included with this bundle.  Please purchase a reference electrode separately!

The bundle does not include power cables. Please purchase two compatible power cables separately.  Pine Research offers a wide variety of standard international power cables.

MAXIMUM ROTATION RATE: 3000 RPM — Never exceed maximum rotation rate when working with rotating electrodes.

TEMPERATURE RANGE: 10°C – 80°C — Electrode damage may occur at temperatures beyond recommended range.

CHEMICAL INCOMPATIBILITIES: Concentrated Strong Acids — Damage or discoloration may occur.

Polishing PEEK-shrouded electrodes is best accomplished using a mechanical polisher.  Other shroud materials are available upon request.

This bundle contains all the products you need to perform Rotating Disk Electrochemistry (RDE) right out of the box.  Both the potentiostat and rotator are compact and portable. Enjoy one of the best potentiostat software experiences while using high-quality and hand-crafted electrodes and cells.  We have taken the guesswork out of choosing a new RDE system by combining the most essential and popular items together in a bundle that can be purchased with one click.

The WaveNowXV and WaveVortex 10 bundle includes a selection of the most popular accessories for rotating disk voltammetry, including a five-neck and water-jacketed electrochemical cell, glassy carbon RDE tip, platinum counter electrode, and a gas-purged bearing assembly.  A special rotation rate control cable allows the potentiostat to directly control the rotation rate, thereby making software automation of rotation rate as easy as the click of a button!

This bundle is a good choice for an initial laboratory setup.  As your research evolves, it is likely your specific needs will change.  Pine Research has you covered, and we offer many additional kinds of rotating electrode tips and accessories to allow you to expand your research.

Visit our YouTube channel for helpful instructional videos regarding the use and maintenance of this and many other Pine Research products.