WaveVortex 10 / E8R4 High Efficiency RRDE Bundle

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This WaveVortex® bundle gets you started with an E8 Series High-Efficiency RRDE tip, an electrochemical cell, and accessories. The High-Efficiency RRDE tip features a fixed platinum ring, a fixed glassy carbon disk, and the highest collection efficiency (43.9%) of any RRDE tip available on the market

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The compact WaveVortex 10 Electrode Rotator lets you get started immediately with RRDE experiments. This RRDE start-up bundle includes the following principal items:

  • WaveVortex 10 Electrode Rotator
  • High-Efficiency RRDE tip (glassy carbon disk, Pt ring, 43.9% collection efficiency)
  • Jacketed RDE Cell (glass) with Pt Counter and Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode
  • Materials and solutions for polishing electrodes


This bundle includes an E8 Series High-Efficiency RRDE tip with a fixed platinum ring and a fixed glassy carbon disk. As your research grows, you can expand your rotating electrode collection to include a wide variety of additional RDE and RRDE tip designs that are compatible with the WaveVortex 10 rotator.

MAXIMUM ROTATION RATE: Each electrode tip model used with the WaveVortex 10 rotator has a maximum rotation rate. Do not the exceed maximum rotation rate when working with rotating electrodes.

The WaveVortex 10 Electrode Rotator is designed to suit the needs of those looking to perform rotating disk (RDE) and rotating ring-disk (RRDE) electrode experiments with limited lab space.  This small footprint rotator is compatible with all 15 mm OD RDE/RRDE electrodes manufactured by Pine Research, along with many of our cells, glassware, and accessories.

The control box, motor, shaft, and enclosure are all fixed into one convenient unit, making the WaveVortex compact and portable.  The rotation rate can be manually adjusted on the front panel and monitored on the digital display.  Alternately, a potentiostat can control the rotation rate using an appropriate rate control cable.

Electrode connections are made to the rotating shaft using silver-carbon brushes.  There are two contacts – the red is for the disk, and the blue is for the ring.

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