WaveVortex 10 RDE Bundle

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The WaveVortex 10 RDE Bundle is a simple solution for your rotating disk electrode experimentation.  Connect it to your favorite Pine Research potentiostat, and the sleek new system will have you collecting data faster and easier than ever.  The WaveVortex 10 Electrode Rotator is the latest research-grade electrode rotator design from Pine Research.  With a small footprint and affordable price, the WaveVortex 10 is an ideal instrument for precision rotating disk electrode (RDE) experiments in laboratories with smaller spaces and tighter budgets.  The WaveVortex 10 design combines the rotator, control unit, shaft, and enclosure in one compact and convenient package.  The WaveVortex 10 RDE Bundle has been put together to offer you a simple out of the box option for RDE.  The bundle includes the following:

  • WaveVortex 10 Electrode Rotator
  • Jacketed RDE Cell (glass) with Gas-Purged Bearing Assembly
  • Platinum Counter Electrode Kit
  • E5 Series Glassy Carbon RDE tip (PTFE shroud)
  • Electrode Polishing Kit

Contact Pine Research if you need assistance determining whether your existing/prospective products are compatible with the WaveVortex 10.


MAXIMUM ROTATION RATE: Each electrode tip model used with the WaveVortex 10 rotator has a maximum rotation rate. Do not the exceed maximum rotation rate when working with rotating electrodes.

The WaveVortex 10 electrode rotator is designed to suit the needs of those looking to perform rotating disk (RDE) and rotating ring-disk (RRDE) electrode experiments with limited lab space and tight budgets.  This low-cost, small footprint rotator is compatible with any existing 15 mm OD RDE/RRDE electrodes manufactured by Pine Research, along with many of our cells, glassware, and accessories.

Control box, motor, shaft, and enclosure are all fixed into one convenient unit, making the WaveVortex 10 compact and easily moved around.  Rotation rate can be manually controlled on the front panel with digital display, as well as using an external voltage source from a potentiostat or other voltage source for secondary rotation rate control.

Electrode connections are made to the rotating shaft using silver-carbon brushes.  There are two contacts – the red is for the disk, and the blue is for the ring.

The WaveVortex 10 is RoHS compliant.