600 PEM Water Electrolysis Test System

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600 Electrolyzer Test System (ETS), Advanced Test System for Research & Development of PEM Electrolyzers

The 600 ETS is a state-of-the-art, full-featured bench-top instrument for detailed evaluation and characterization of PEM electrolyzers. The 600 ETS includes an integrated Power Supply, Potentiostat, Impedance Analyzer for EIS & HFR, and real-time sensors for Product Flow Rate and Cross-over Monitoring. The 600 ETS is ideal for labs requiring detailed control, diagnostic and analysis of a single electrolzyer cell.

Powerful FlowCell-ETS® software offers full control and monitoring of the test cell. Built-in experiments include constant, scanning or step-stair voltage or current controlled measurements. Easy, hands-free switching between control of the voltage or current by the Potentiostat or Power Supply.


  • Bench-top, fully integrated instrument for electrolyzer R&D
  • 4 current range potentiostat (± 0.07 / 0.7 / 7 / 20 A, ±5 V) for accurate wide dynamic range current measurement
  • Software controlled programmable Power Supply for operation up to 100 A / 5 V
  • Automated switching between Potentiostat and Power Supply mode
  • EIS and HFR (1 mHz to 10 kHz) in Potentiostat mode
  • FlowCell-ETS® application software for complete system control, experiment sequencing, graphing and data acquisition
  • EIS data compatible with ZView®, the world’s leading impedance analysis & equivalent circuit modelling software
  • Integrated back pressure to 2 barg
  • N2 purge on Cathode with Supplemental N2 on Anode
  • Anode feed water recycling or once-thru operating mode
  • In-line high-temperature Ion Exchange cartridge to maintain Anode feed water purity in recycle mode
  • Includes safety features: E-Stop, Over Voltage/Current, Over Temperature or Gas Detection shutdown
  • Integrated 892e Data Expansion Module for additional 8 temperature + 8 analog inputs, e.g., pressure transducers
  • In-line, real-time O2 and H2 product flow rate monitoring