Electrolysis Cell Fixture

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Our Electrolysis Cell Fixture is specifically designed for the 600 / 620 Water Electrolysis Test Stations.

Choose Red or Blue End-Plates –

Both use the Pt-Ti flow field on the Positive Side and Graphite flow field on the Negative Side. The difference is in the End-Plates:

Blue End-Plates are suitable for DI water
Red End-Plates can be used with either DI water or KOH solutions

Available Only from Scribner Associates


  • The Electrolysis Fixture is available with 5cm2 OR 25cm2 flow fields or as ‘Dual Area Fixture’ with 5cm2 AND 25cm2 active area
  • Anodized Aluminum end plates
  • Platinized Titanium flow field and Porous Media for Positive (O2) electrode
  • Sealed high-purity POCO graphite flow field and Carbon Diffusion Media for Negative (H2) electrode
  • Cell heaters available for 115 V or 230 V operation
  • Operating temperature up to 200 °C
  • Gaskets, Gasket Templates, Swagelok® Fittings and Thermocouple Included