MSR Rotator Motor with Coupling

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The lifetime of the motor in an MSR Rotator depends on how the system is used.  In industrial settings where the rotator is used nearly continuously or in a corrosive environment, it may be necessary to replace the motor.  If the motor requires replacement (and after consulting with Pine Research Instrumentation technical support), most customers are able to simply order a replacement motor and bearing assembly (below) and install the replacement.  Alternately, customers may return the rotator to Pine Research Instrumentation for factory service.

Please note that the motor is not sold alone.  The motor replacement kit is sold with a pre-installed coupling (which has been properly balanced at the factory) and all of the required signal cables.  Pine Research is unable to offer the motor or the coupling separately.

This assembly includes the motor, electrical cables, and shaft coupling unit. The assembly is tested as a whole prior to shipment, including rotation at high speed, to assure proper balance and performance.